Kitchen Life – Why the Kitchen is the Best Room in the House

How does a custom kitchen change home life? The benefits of opting for a custom kitchen are many. The results can make your kitchen the best room in your home. Here we explore why custom kitchens rock your world. 

  1. Made for You – Everything in the kitchen we adjust to your height. It does not matter if you are seven feet tall or four feet tall; if you are the chief cook and bottlewasher, then expect that the stove is easy to reach and comfortable to stand at and cook. Expect the sink and counters to be perfect for prepping food and cleaning up the mess. We pay close attention to all the features like the height of the sink and the counters. We want you to enjoy every square inch of your custom-built home. 
  2. Storage that Fits Your Lifestyle – One of the biggest perks of a custom kitchen is custom-built cabinets. We work with you to design all of the storage space in your new home. Your kitchen should make preparing a meal easy and efficient. With custom-built cabinets, the storage space is an asset. It makes accessing seldom-used appliances a snap. We help you keep big and heavy pots and serving platters within easy reach; but also safely stowed away, so you don’t have to trip over them. We work with you to design counter space that keeps the essentials at your fingertips but not so that they crowd the work areas. 
  3. Lighting That Is A Bright Spot in Your Day – People use their kitchen for many purposes. From the central spot where homework or distance learning occurs to intimate meals on date night, kitchens are busy places. Custom lighting allows you to create a space that fits the way you live. We help you design a lighting plant that lights up your day, quiets your evening, and adds the finishing touches to special occasions. 
  4. Space That Fits Your Lifestyle – A custom kitchen can range from small and cozy to spacious and grand. We can give you the room to enjoy large gatherings and small intimate meals. A bigger space means complex meals are easier to cook, and there is comfortable seating for larger guest lists. A kitchen can also be a transitional place where you blend indoor and outdoor living. 

Kitchens Are The Best Room in the House 

Meals are a time when the family gathers as a unit to bond and enjoy the moments of the day. It is a place where guests linger, and conversations begin. That gorgeous dining table is where children sit and do homework, where you share coffee with friends, celebrate birthdays, and unfurl the finery for every holiday. 

What is on your bucket list for the perfect kitchen? At Design Custom Homes, we work with you to create a kitchen that fits your lifestyle, your family’s needs and becomes the centerpiece of each day. Give us a call to start the design process, ask questions, or start the process of building your custom home or kitchen remodel.