Inspiring Careers in Construction

Recently, Design Custom Homes opened our job sites to help some remarkable young men and women from the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to explore and experience what it is like to work in the construction industry.  Our owner and leader, Keith Holmes, was able to provide tours of our job sites and answer questions while also speaking on topics within the construction industry and more specifically about the jobs that are available in construction.

We wanted to thank the group for sharing the day with us. We hope that we opened some eyes to the many amazing jobs available within the construction industry and we hope to inspire young people to consider construction as a career.

Stats on Education and Career

Around 40 percent of people aged 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree, which means that nearly 60 percent of people in this age group do not – According to Pew Research Group. While Design Custom Homes encourages quality education, we also work with superstars who do not have a college degree because their chosen field does not necessarily require a college education.

Stats on Some of the many Construction related Careers

In a US News report, the following careers do not need much more than a high school diploma and sometimes a touch of secondary education. Here’s a peek at those careers and some stats from US News:

  1. Maintenance and repair workers – The median salary ranges to $40k per year with an expected new job introduction of around 120,000 by 2030.
  2. Firefighter – with the climate changes, wildfires are an everyday occurrence, and firefighters are needed desperately. The median income for most is around $52,000 per year and the unemployment rate is extremely low at just 1.9 percent.
  3. Solar Installers – Solar is a growing industry and installers are needed in every state. The median salary approaches $47,000 per year and about 6,000 new jobs are expected by 2030.
  4. Electricians – and we know many superstar electricians – the median salary is $57,000 annually and an expected 66,000 new jobs are opening by 2030.
  5. Landscaper – Every yard needs one and the median salary is in the $30,000 range – more so if you own your own business. 85,000 new landscaping jobs are expected by 2030.           

Many of the contractors that we work with are extremely talented and own their businesses. Some have college degrees and others do not. What  is important is the passion that each exudes within their specialty – carpenter – electrician – plumber, etc., and the way they have learned to work with each other and our company to produce incredible buildings that people call homes.

We at Design Custom Homes hope that inspiration was the takeaway from working with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.