5 Father’s Day Renovations

One concept that flies high at Design Custom Homes is the idea that everyone should make their house their home. We see the difference between just living in a house and building a dream home where you are happy every day of the year. In this blog we discuss five renovation ideas that are perfect for dear old dad.

1. A Grill Center and Patio – Many guys love to grill and if that is your dad, then consider designing an Outdoor grilling patio that fits his love for outdoor living and grilling. The options range from basic to extravagant. On the basic side, a flagstone patio with a spot that holds the grill and maybe a table and chairs. On the extravagant end of things, a fully functional kitchen with appliances, wet bar, and built in grill for grilling with wood or gas. In between is a wonderful range of ideas that can fit every guys lifestyle.

2. A Car Wash Station – If your dad is constantly washing the car, truck or SUV and loves the aspect of vehicles that are finely detailed, then a car wash station can be a big deal. It is a place where it is easy to wash the car and clean it. This can include a special spot with drainage for water, an on-demand water heater, a vacuum station, and canopy for drying and waxing. The options available are amazing, and he will appreciate a car wash station simply because such a place make it easier to have a beautiful detailed vehicle.

3. A New Shed – If the garage is filling up with stuff he needs – all the tools for caring for the yard, etc., – then it is probably time he got a shed of his own. Sheds can be customized to fit their usage, and they come in many sizes. Reach out to the Design Custom Home Design Team about shed options, including AC and heat.

4. The Outdoor Man Cave – This idea builds off of item 3 – the new shed, but includes a finished building that fits his needs. This can include Big Screen TVs for watching the game, to a beer cooler with storage for all of his hobbies. Don’t forget to built in work areas where he can be free to create. A Man Cave can range from a place of leisure to a workshop.

5. Putting Green – If golf is his pleasure, then a home putting green will not only make him happy, but also make him the envy of the neighborhood. A putting green can be set up indoors or out and with all of the options for faux grass, the maintenance is next to nothing. Reach out to our team about options for putting greens as they range from live grass to faux grass and can be based on any design.

Help your dad celebrate Father’s Day with a beautiful addition to your home or yard that fits his lifestyle and allows him to feel like he’s the King of his castle.

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