The Den Nation

Dens have become a staple of American home-life. However, the art of a great den is somewhat mystifying to many people. At Design Custom Homes, we understand the importance of a den and the requirements of designing and building a den that fits your lifestyle.

The Role of the Den

Every den serves a couple of purposes. First, it is a place that changes depending on who is using it. During “the big game,” it might become a loud place. If you are hosting a book club meeting, it might be more about comfort and quiet. A quality den can take on different types of functions with ease.

Designing A Den

Look at what you do as a family, with your friends, and the activities that you do. If this is your first den, then consider all activities you’d like to remove from other rooms such as the living room. Dens serve as a room that helps isolate activities from the rest of the house. They usually have doors, so you seal in the noise or create a quiet spot. They can also serve as overflow sleeping quarters with Murphy bed as shown in photo. The goal here is to define the function of the room by looking at the usage. Defining the usage helps you add in features like custom storage for board games, toys, video games, and cabinets that hide the TV, etc. It also allows you to think about furnishings that stand up to a wild pre-game show or Superbowl.

The Den as a Family

Tool Dens are places where the family can come together and bond. It is a place where dad can talk football and where kids can practice the violin. It is a place where the whole family can play Monopoly or watch a movie thanks to a large screen TV and a home theater system.

The Role of the Den

The den should hold all of the activities, gear, games, and electronics that your family uses. It should stand up to the craziness of life. It should easily convert from one activity to the next and remain a welcoming space for you, your family, and all of your friends.

Dens are a way of life, and while they sometimes go by names such as craft room or man cave, they remain an integral part of a positive family lifestyle and a hub for building a closer family. Designing a den is not so difficult, but it can be challenging too. If you are ready to join the “Den Nation,” give us a call. We help design and build world-class dens that fit family life like a glove.

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