How to Choose the Best Custom Home Builder

custom homeYou’ve been saving for years, and now everything’s set to own a custom built home. You want complete customization, control on cost, and guarantee quality construction. Well, do you know a custom-built home will offer these and much more benefits?

However, building a custom home is not a duck soup. You’ve got lots of decisions to make, from choosing a location, floor plan, roofing, windows, lighting fixtures and budgeting. While you’ve got a margin for error when making some of these decisions, it’s not the case when picking a custom home builder.

There is no way around it; you must hit the nail on the head. The wrong choice of a custom home builder can be a fatal flaw. It would help if you worked with a reputable custom home builder to actualize your dream.

But with more than 390,000 home builders in the US, how do you go about finding the best home builder?

If you are wondering what to check when choosing one, tap yourself on the back. Here are the best tips to consider when choosing a custom home builder for your new construction.

Consider Custom Home Builder’s Experience

Imagine going to a newly graduated doctor for your heart surgery, risky, right? On any life-death operation, you want to take your best chances, don’t you? It’s the same case for your custom home construction.

When you want to find a custom home builder, experience matters, the project will be a huge investment worth thousands of dollars, and you want to get the best value for your money. Also, remember this is where you will call home for decades or even a lifetime; you want it to be the best ever you could have.

Look for a well-established contractor with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in custom home building. The contractor should bring your plan to life and complement your plan to help you achieve the intended results.

An experienced custom builder will work within your budget and agree on a timeframe to deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, they have been in the business for years and know the best practices for efficient and quality results.

However, don’t just check on their general experience; confirm if they specialize in the specific style you want.

Check Their Previous Job

One of the best ways to get an insight about what to expect is checking on their completed projects. You want to determine if you want similar results or would rather opt for another custom home builder. Before choosing a potential contractor to hire, ask to see their model homes and recently completed projects.

A reputable builder is more than willing to provide you with references for their past works. Besides, they know you are likely to hire them after seeing their quality results.

Examine the quality of their work firsthand with a critical eye. Is it what you want? Also, talk to their previous clients to learn more about the experience of working with the builder.

Ask if they deliver on time, on budget and if they got what they expected. Have they experienced any problem living on the property? If the previous clients are unhappy with the work done or have had issues, move to the next.

If you come across a contractor who hesitates to provide you with a reference for their past work, avoid them as they might be concealing something.

Reputation and Reviews

The contractor is likely to refer you to a few and the best previous clients. For honest and detailed information about their work, consider reading online reviews from past clients. By checking online, you know the kind of reputation of the custom home builder in the market.

While you can read testimonials on their website, it’s better to check reviews and ratings from third-party websites such as Yelp for unbiased info.

Positive and negative reviews are common for any business, depending on the clients’ experience. However, if your potential custom home builder has multiple negative reviews, move to the next. Remember, the praises or criticism of the contractor reflects who they really are.

Check with Better Business Bureau if any complaint has been filed against them. Also, are they active members of the National Association of Home Builders?

Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

You must always ensure any contractor you hire is properly licensed. Confirming they have the necessary permits guarantees they have met all the required requisites to operate in the industry. Check with the state licensing board for general contractors to be sure.

Also, the contractor should be allowed to operate in your state and locality. They should also understand the building code of your neighborhood.

A bonding will protect you if you incur losses after the contractor fails to complete the job or deliver the agreed standards. Before choosing your potential contractor, ask for their bond certification and number.

Also, it’s imperative to confirm the contractor has active worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance shifts the liability of any injury or even fatality that occurs during the project to the insurer. The liability insurance will cover any damage to your property caused by workers.

Don’t only ask if they are insured; some contractors are rogue and can lie. Ask to see the insurance certificate and even contact their insurance company to confirm.

Hire a Custom Home Builder Today

For any new construction project, the right builder is invaluable. You will closely work with the custom home builder for at least six months. To have a smooth project and the best results, be keen to pick a reliable contractor.

The above tips will get you started in choosing the best custom home builder.

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