4 Fall Chores for Keeping Up Your Home

What’s on your fall to-do list for home repair and upkeep? In this blog, we walk you through a shortlist of chores that are perfect for the DIY type or a handyman.

1. Clean and Check the Furnace

 Late summer and early fall is the busiest time for furnace and HVAC professionals. The later you get into the fall season, the busier these professionals get. Be on point and have your furnace checked sooner rather than later. Another tip is to have them clean the furnace while they are out because a clean furnace runs more efficiently and helps to improve indoor air quality. Be sure to also take advantage of our special relationships with professionals for added savings when you care for your home. 

2. Gutter Maintenance

 Your goal is to make sure that the gutter system on your room is clean and in good repair. Gutters have the sole job of moving water off your roof and away from your home. Broken gutters or downspouts may seem like a small thing, but falling water is heavy and can cause damage to your home’s foundation or water to leak into the basement. Neither of those situations is good news. Also, gutters that are clogged can cause water to seep under the roof and into the wall space or attic. Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs for homeowners. 

3. Redo Walkway Safety for Winter

 Check stairs for abrasive material that can help prevent falls. Make sure that hand railings are in good repair too. Fall is also the time to stock up on sand or salt. Both help keep walkways clear of ice. While you are checking, have a look at your snow shovels and tools. They should be in good working order or repaired or replaced. Late summer or early fall is also an excellent time to take the car in and have them check the cooling systems, wipers, and tires. All three of these auto spotlights help you deal with winter. 

4. Home Safety To-do

 The end of summer is the time to restock emergency supplies, such as batteries, flashlights, food, and warm blankets, etc. Don’t forget to stock up on water too, especially if you have a well. No power can mean no water. While you are supplying the house, be sure to restock or add a vehicle kit for cold weather to the cars. If you are trapped on the roadside, you will need to stay warm, hydrated, and have food.

Halloween is the general date on which we replace the batteries in all the smoke alarms. If you have fire extinguishers, be sure to check the maintenance dates on then and follow up with having them tested. If you don’t have fire extinguishers, consider adding those to your shopping list.

These are the significant chores for fall. The basic idea is about prevention. Following this list makes it possible for you and your home to be healthy and strong before the winter gets here.

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