4 Reasons Why You Need A Custom Home

One of the most horrible aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it changes the way we live. It has curtailed many of our freedoms, such as going to restaurants, parties, or even on vacation. It impacts the quality of our lives and disrupts the fundamental aspects of our daily lives – Grocery shopping, school, work, social relationships, and so many other ways too. Inside, we offer you six reasons why you need a custom home and why it is now the time to design it. 

1. Work From Home 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently said they did not expect countries to rid themselves of COVID-19. If that is true, then the virus is here to stay, and the paradigm shift in how we work and earn money changes too. Work from home is likely going to be the new way of life, and it is not going away. When you design your own custom home, you can design your new workspace so that your personal life and professional life remain separate, and you remain productive. The customizing makes it easier for every level of professional to design a space that works for them. Considerations include storage and workspace that fit you and the way you work. It is an opportunity to incorporate modern technology that makes video conferencing and other types of communication, stable and professional. It also includes security for data and different kinds of information that are sensitive. 

2. Learn from Home

Are schools opening again? If so, are the policies and procedures good enough to keep your children safe? “Learn from Home” solves a lot of problems while creating a few additional ones. When you design a custom home, you can create a space that enhances your children’s learning capabilities. Maybe that is a multipurpose room with enhanced communication capabilities, room for books, supplies, and technology that enables distance learning. Such a place should be scalable so that it changes as your children progress. Because every child learns in different ways, designing a “Learn from Home” room lets you create a learning space where your children thrive. 

3. Shelter at Home 

One of the most glaring issues with COVID-19 arises from the Shelter at Home orders, which show how dissatisfied people are with home living. A custom home allows you to build a sanctuary – not just from COVID-19 but for every aspect of your life. What is the difference between a house and a home? A home is an extension of you and your family, and a custom home is the opportunity to tailor that house to fit like a glove. It is the opportunity to add amenities that matter to you. Those might include outdoor living spaces that rival the best resorts. It might consist of quiet spaces that are just for you. It should consist of amenities that make daily life easier and enjoyable – a custom kitchen, the perfect bathroom, entertainment areas, and tech use so that your entire life is comfortable. The ideal home is a reason to never go out in public again. 

4. Vacation at Home 

Not interested in packing the entire family into an airplane for a five-hour flight to a sandy beach? Not a problem. Customizing a home allows you to bring all of the best vacation features to your property. These amenities include:

  • Beautiful outdoor living spaces – outdoor kitchens and cooking areas, attractive patios that provide shade and comfortable lounging areas
  • Technology that spans indoor and outdoor living such as home theaters give you the big screen feel without all the other people. A professional-grade spa is another option. 
  • Seasonal Porches that enable you to enjoy outdoor living all year long.

The list of what you can design for a home is nearly endless, and they include private features for the two of you and spaces that fit the entire family. 

While COVID-19 changes how we live, learn, and work, it does not have to diminish the quality of our lives. Learn more about how to design the perfect home for you and your family and the options that enable you to work from home, learn from home, and enjoy being at home by reaching out to the Design Custom Homes’ Team.