Customize Your Basement to Improve the Livability of Your Home

Customize Your Basement

One of the things we’ve noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic is that people are not overly satisfied with the amenities that their home offers. If you are going to shelter in place, your home needs to provide the means to sustain quality living on a nearly full-time basis. Inside this blog, we talk about how to customize your basement so that your home becomes the place where you work, teach, and live.

The Basement and Short Commute

One of the problems of working from home or even teaching at home is the constant distraction from home life – The TV, fridge, pets, doorbell, and other things that manage to cause disruptions to our day. A particular spot, designed to fit your needs, removes most of the distractions and limits interruptions, which allows you to become more productive and successful at conquering your day.

Another impressive aspect of a special place to work or play is that you can separate your home life from your work life without leaving it. That means a different set of rules for kids while in “school,” which fosters better learning. The same can apply when working too.

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Ideas for Repurposing Your Basement

These ideas touch on the basic needs created by the pandemic. Our design team can help you identify solutions for the obstacles you face during the work-from-home or learn-from-home routine.

The Perfect Classroom

A customized learning space should offer a comfortable place to learn. We can help design a learning center that is expandable as your children grow. It can include modern technology, so that distance learning is easy to use and inspiring. Physical qualities can consist of custom storage for supplies and furniture, which gives the space a multipurpose vibe. Custom shelving makes it easy to store everyday items such as books. Don’t forget that quality lighting improves learning and keeps students active. A custom learning center helps you succeed in creating a space that inspires learning.

The Work-at-Home Office

A home office should help you succeed in meeting the requirements for working from home. That includes storage solutions for equipment and documents. It should consist of modern tech for video conferencing and top communication tech too. The physical space should be comfortable and supportive without becoming too relaxed. A quiet area where phone calls take place is also essential, especially if the space is shared. Custom storage can help hide certain features and keep children out of your work area. A sliding wall works well for that task.

The Perfect Gym

So many of us have a gym routine built into your daily schedules. With the shelter-in-place restrictions, many people are turning to video classes for yoga and other physical activities. A basement makes a perfect workout room, and with a little work, you can join the video workout culture.   For those who want to lift weights, do elliptical, or jog for miles on a treadmill, the basement can become your gym. Ventilation helps keep the air fresh, and AC and heat are easy to add. A subfloor that will support heavy equipment is also doable. Our design team can help you design the perfect place to pump iron or get your blood moving.

The Perfect Home Entertainment Room

With your family home all the time, maybe what your household needs are a room or area that serves up quality entertainment. A game area can include soundproofing so the gaming generation can enjoy quality time without the noise infiltrating the entire house. A home movie
theater can also be an excellent add-on for a basement remodel. Take the whole family to the movies and never have to pay for popcorn or parking.

The Guest Apartment

A basement can become the perfect guest quarters for when grandparents come to stay. The social distancing allows them to have their own space without everyone being cramped.

Designing the perfect basement add-on is easy when you work with our professionals. We have many solutions that can turn a basement into the ideal room for whatever your needs are. We work with you to find custom solutions that fit your lifestyle and make you more productive, successful, and still allow your house to be your home.  Contact us today for a free estimate.