Smart Designs – Over the Garage Units

In design, we look beyond aesthetics and take into the big picture proportion and balance. We see a lot of Custom Home designs that try to cram too much into too small of a space. Suddenly a beautiful home is now crowded and cramped. We also hear people who want a custom home designed to fit their needs begin to whittle down their “dreams” to meet the cost of building their dream house. At Design Custom Homes, we employ smart designs so that families can take advantage of hidden space. In this blog, we talk about units that are built above the garage and how they help add space without destroying balance or proportion.
What Do You Need from Extra Space?
During the design phase is the time to really think about what you need from the proposed space because this is where we talk about options, extras, and customized building. Many people come with a wish list – 4 bedrooms, a formal dining room, an expansive living room, outdoor living space, a home office, etc. – but few take into consideration the space that they have. Building up as opposed to building out or adding on is often a cost saver. Those can include factors such as the existing foundation.
Above the Garage Units include:
Guest quarters or an Apartment – If you have guests who visit often or stay long periods of time, such an in-laws or parents, then a guest unit or an apartment above the garage gives privacy to both parties. This is an option that adds a lot of value to your property and can even be an income stream.
Craft or Studio Space – If you have a home hobby business and you don’t want to do all the work on the kitchen table, then a studio space can be very beneficial. Not only can you lay projects out and know they will not be disturbed, but you can also design extra storage that fits the needs of your hobby. Everything is self-contained in one spot making it easier to keep organized and to work.
Home Office – A separate unit for meeting with clients or conducting business can be beneficial. A home office can save your small business thousands of dollars per year and can potentially be a tax deduction. If you have a home business but do not want the overhead of paying rent on an office or shop, then a home office can be a perfect fit. If you need a space that is professional and separate from your personal life, then a detached home office is a perfect fit.
Multipurpose Space – Even a finished open space with storage and possibly a bathroom can add a tremendous amount of value to your quality of life and to your home’s value.
All these spaces listed above have been discussed in previous blog posts utilizing basement space.  However, these same ideas would work well building above a garage to increase additional square footage.  At Design Custom Homes, we see the potential and the benefits of finding hiding spaces. We work with people to develop custom homes that not only fit your lifestyle but also add value and convenience to your life. Reach out to our design team and let us help you with smart designs.
(photo courtesy of HGTV)
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