Attic Conversions In Older Homes – Perfect for Recapturing Living Space

Attic space is often underutilized in older homes. Some people convert the attic to bedrooms, while others may use the area just for storage. One of the appealing aspects of remodeling an older home is that you have full control over decreasing the amount of “underutilized space.” In this blog, we discuss some options for turning that dark, scary attic space into prime real estate.
The Growing Family
Kids need their space, and converting attic space to another bedroom or two can help to give kids that space. With a few handyman services, you can convert an existing attic into a luxurious bedroom. Generally, we are talking about installing additional electrical plugs and lighting. Add sheetrock or paneling to cover the walls and apply the paint color of their choice. That is a simple conversion. More complicated conversions include adding bathrooms, which may not be a possibility. Keep in mind that there is only so much weight an attic can support.
The alternative is to plan for that growing family while you are remodeling your home. Doing so makes the process more cost-effective and removes issues such as weight tolerances for the rafters. It is not always possible to see the future, but you can build the strength that the house needs and convert the space later.
Customized Storage
Many attics become overfilled with stuff. It is where we store the holiday regalia, wedding dresses, kids clothing that is too small, toys the kids have outgrown, seasonal gear such as snow gear, etc. Why not design storage space that fits your lifestyle. Doing so helps to keep your stuff organized and safe from pests. Options include large walk-in closets, specialized closets made from cedar to keep moths out of heirloom clothing, wide-space shelving units that can easily accommodate larger boxes and plastic bins. Installation of adequate lighting in closets and around the room. It can also mean adding additional outlets if the room should also become a craft room.
The Home Office
Attics are quiet places where few people go. They make an excellent space for keeping records, making phone calls, and even housing a fax machine. Every home generates its fair share of monthly bills, receipts, and papers for taxes. So, there are two options here. The first is an office for running your home. The second is an office in which you work from home. There is a slight difference, but proper planning sorts out those details. In short, the attic can make an excellent place to work.
The Craft Room
Whether we are talking about kids’ crafts or a side hustle craft business, the attic can be the spot to keep all of those crafting supplies in one space and still provide quality workspace and tables. The general idea of an area where the containment of crafting supplies without taking up living space like the kitchen table. You can design or add-in, closets, shelving, and cupboards that make it easy to organize supplies and keep finished products safe.
Underutilized space is an opportunity to gain better organization and storage or to create a custom space that fits your needs. That may be a home office or a space for a small home-based business. Whatever your needs are, Design Custom Homes can help. Reach out to our design team for more helpful tips on how to use space wisely.
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