Upgrading Your Custom Home

Sometimes you outgrow your custom home. It can be easier to upgrade your home than it is to sell it and buy a new one. It is often a less expensive process too. 

If your life has changed, and your home is no longer fitting your lifestyle now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. This can be as simple as refurbishing your home office or redesigning your garage with custom storage to put all your things. It could also mean adding on a bedroom or an outdoor Cottage. Summer is the perfect time to get all of these things done so now would be the time to start planning!

Upgrading as Your Children Grow

If your kids have outgrown their rooms, storage, and play areas, upgrading those spaces not only reduces the frustration of living in a space that is not functioning but also uplifts the livability of the space. 

Options Include:

  • Better storage and closet spaces
  • Additional electrical outlets and ports to handle the increase in electronic gadgets. 
  • Soundproofing – helps to quite those musical instruments, game stations, and music. 
  • Installation of safety gear – A good example is adding second story ladders, etc. 

The Expanding Family

What do you do when your four-bedroom home is full of people? You can add another bedroom or two to your custom home. At Design Custom Home, we specialize in blending new additions with your existing home. 

  1. A Growing Family – Sometimes, kids need more space, and an extra bedroom or two makes more sense than putting up with all the conflicts.  
  2. Elder Care – Maybe you are at the age when a parent needs more help and living at home is too risky. You can put them in a home or invite them to live in yours. An elder bedroom unit or suite is one of the most popular reasons people choose to add a room to their home. We make that process easier with ADA bathrooms and features that support the care of an elderly loved one. 
  3. The Outdoor Cottage – These are beautiful extensions for adding a bedroom or suite to your home. They work well for elderly parents or for those times when friends come to stay for a vacation. Adding a cottage is a beautiful way to add extra living space without changing the vibe of your home. 
  4. Improving the Home Office – Maybe your business has grown, and you can spend more time working from home. If that is the case, an upgraded home office may be just the ticket. We improve existing space to make it more functional, or we can build a new area, including an outdoor cottage/office. You can design a space where you can meet with clients or employees, and that has ample storage space for all of your business needs as well an upgrade to electrical needs for improved communication. 

The truth of the matter is that there are many reasons why someone would consider upgrading a custom home. If your custom home is feeling a little small, an upgrade might be the perfect answer to uplift your lifestyle. Reach out to the Design Custom Home team for options that expand your livability without selling your beautiful home. Upgrading is often less expensive than buying a new home.  

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