Inspiring Careers in Construction

Recently, Design Custom Homes opened our job sites to help some remarkable young men and women from the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to explore and experience what it is like to…
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outdoor space

Xeriscaping Options for Zone 5 – Madison WI

Xeriscaping is the art of designing and installing landscaping that uses as little water as possible. It is often used in drought-prone regions where water is scarce. In Zone 5 – the greater Madison,…
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Mini-splits – Heating and Cooling

Mini-splits provide heating and cooling to homes and outbuildings without all the expense of installing an HVAC system. They are a single unit that provides both heating and cooling. In comparison to an HVAC…
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What Is Hardscaping and Why Do You Need It?

Hardscaping and landscaping are two terms that we hear a lot. Sometimes they are interchanged as though they are the same thing. The reality is that while both are used in conjunction with each…
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home remodeling

7 Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas

When you think of home remodeling, you may grimace at the perceived expense of thousands – or tens of thousands, of dollars. But home remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many options…
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