downsizing your home

7 Top Tips for Downsizing Your Home

The square footage of the average American home has been increasing for decades. In 1950, the average home was 983 square feet, while the average in 2004 was 2,349 square feet. As of 2020,…
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summer gardening tips

5 Essential Summer Gardening Tips

Summer is usually a thrilling season for gardeners. Plants will grow and thrive outside at their best when the air and soil are warm. Gardeners and farmers worldwide eagerly await every warm growing season.…
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home value

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

In 2020, the US housing market jumped up in value by $2.5 trillion to reach a total value of $36.2 trillion! This increase largely stems from the coronavirus pandemic, as unreliable living situations pushed…
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finish your basement

Should You Finish Your Basement?

Pastel blue walls in basement living room interior. Large corner sofa with blue pillows and ottoman. Vintage white and blue TV cabinet. Northwest, USA Have you been sitting on an unfinished basement, but not…
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